Cloudswing - Corde Volante

Dynamic Cloudswing is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. The pendulum motion soaring high above you guests with twists and drops will demand their attention, with no one wanting to look away. With this gravity defying skill prepare to be mesmerised where each new trick builds into a jaw dropping finale.

Trained by Rita Van Opzeeland at the National Centre of Circus Arts. My passions for creating unique tricks and techniques in swinging can’t be missed. 

Lennin McClure has worked with the company on many projects as a performer within a wide range of community projects.  He has performed as part of devised work in theatre settings and also has proved himself to be a great improviser within informal, outdoor projects. Zoe Seaton Big Telly

“Arlene Phillips and Lennin Nelson-McClure combine to choreograph movement, dance and circus acrobatics together in one wild party” Mary Conway (Morning Star) 


Loop - Static Cloud

Loop also known as Hammock or sling. Ideal from 2 meters height, this circus skill is perfect for intimate venues. Loop either silk, rope or net is perfect for any themed event you may be hosting. Full act or just ambient hang-about (e.g. champagne pouring), Loop will dazzle your audience up close, twisting, dropping, turning can set up your event letting your auidence enjoy the night. 

I performed silk loop in the Bridge theatres award winning production ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’  over Summer 2019 and rope loop at NCCA Summer 2018  

Aerial Silks

I’ve been performing aerial silks for many years, displaying strength and flexibilty while in the air. Although usually performed at height, if you have a more intimate venue (3 meteres) the tailored act will take your auidences breathe away with daring conotortion tricks. Dynamic acts including wraps, twists, drops and gravity defying positions, your auidence will watch in wonder and agree it was a highlight of any event 

Silks can be tailored from length, theme, costume and music to certain tricks, wraps and drops.

“Overall a strong professional perfomer who can work with others and as a solo artist with a great use of space and ability to work an audience effortlessly with a high skill act”. (Sarah Mac Keeever founder of Puredance

“As an aerialist, working with Lennin as my counterweighter was a favourable experience. Lennin has the benefit of being an aerialist himself, so he has the advantage of being able to have a very understanding and relatable relationship with whoever he is counterweighting. He is certainly a very trustworthy, safe and compassionate counterweighter.” Levi Wotton (Aerialist) 


‘ I’m proficient in counterweighting solo artists, who are performing on various equipment. Training at the National Centre for Circus Arts, becoming skilled in counterweight using weight and acrobatics to make the flyer look effortless. Performing as counterweight for the show ‘Impulse’ by Ockham’s Razor/NCCA, and ‘Even the Stones’ at Jacksons Lane.   

Counterweighting for solo artist during events or shows, having knowledge myself of aerial terminology, making a more understanding relationship with the flyer. Performers can trust me so they can  perform effortlessly.


I have been performing from a young age, training at McMasters stage school, Stagecoach performing arts and an Extended Diploma in Acting. Performing all over the UK and Ireland, on stage, street and film.

I have recently performed in ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ directed by Nicholas Hytner and choreographed by Arlene Phillips. Over Christmas played TreeHigh at Lapland Uk in Ascot.

I can become a character of your choice perofrming walkabout at your event, keeping spirits high, making guests laugh, chat and join in with any activities you may have planned.

“Lennin performed as part of the Wake the Giant event in Warrenpoint on Saturday and Sunday. He was fantastic on both days, entertaining thousands as part of the parade street theatre. On a Sunday he performed two shows, giving a memorable and accomplished addition to the piece as the salmon of knowledge.” (Aisleain McGill Artistic Director of Development, Newry and Mourne District Council